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There are 6 million migraine sufferers in the UK and I am one of those. It effects 1 in every 5 women and 1 in every 15 men. 190,000 migraine attacks are experienced daily in the UK. It is more prevalent in women than man. Unless you have experienced migraine it is impossible to understand the impact it has on every aspect of your life and how unbearable it is.

Migraine is experienced differently by every patient.

For me is like a thunderstorm that is out of control in my brain. It affects my speech, comprehension cognition and at times I find the pain so intense that I feel I will not be able to stand it another minute. In those migraine moments I am defined by my disease I stop being me and I am someone who is being pulled and pushed and with no control over what is happening to me. My skull hurts feels numb my face hurts, I feel quite sick but need to eat so I can take pain killers and keep my blood sugar high it is an unbelievable mess of a situation. I cannot sleep during my attack (which I long to do so as not to feel the pain). After the pain is gone I cannot keep my eyes open and it goes on…

I am anticipating an attack

I am having an attack or I am getting over an attack this is the story of my life. It has been like this since I was 19 years old but after Covid it just got out of control it took over my life I had 27 days a month with migraine, in fact it became my hell.

I came across Magnimore Plus and my life changed. Just when I had lost hope Magnimore Plus was introduced to me and everything changed in a way that I never thought possible. Magnimore plus is a supplement containing Magnimore® Plus contains patented ATA Mg® which ensures high bioavailability and Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Malate which makes this product unique and highly effective. There are thousand reviews from patients.

I can honestly say Magnimore Plus along with combining other preventative measures such as drinking lots of water and staying away from trigger foods has given me my life back

I am a Long Covid patient and three gifts of Covid to me are IBS, chronic migraine and fibromyalgia.



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